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KakaoTalk is a chat-based platform that provides a space for users to communicate and interact in real-time based on specific topics or interests.


Local Business

KakaoTalk Business enhances interactions between companies and customers, improving customer experiences and contributing to the growth of businesses.

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Online Store

Within KakaoTalk, you can instantly check and purchase products, making shopping a breeze. KakaoTalk’s online store helps companies explore new sales channels and offers customers a wider range of purchasing options.

What is PC KakaoTalk

PC KakaoTalk is the desktop version of the renowned messaging app in South Korea, KakaoTalk. Developed by Kakao Corporation, this PC Kakao App complements users’ mobile app experience.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, users can send messages, share files, and make voice or video calls on their PC.

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New Features of PC KakaoTalk

Kakaotalk Talk Drive

Talk Drawer

KakaoTalk’s Talk Drawer automatically backs up all chat contents, photos, and video files, allowing you to store all your data on your mobile or PC.

For systematic data management, you can create folders and categorize photos, videos, files, link memos, and dates, making it easy to find the data you need quickly.

Data stored in the Talk Drawer is encrypted, ensuring that only you can access and restore it.

Talk Calendar

Utilize Kakao’s Talk Calendar to check your friends’ birthdays and anniversaries and sync your personal calendar to manage schedules and to-dos.

Schedules created on mobile are seamlessly synchronized with PC KakaoTalk App, allowing you to check tasks and manage schedules from anywhere.

Kakaotalk Calendar
Kakaotalk Facetalk

Voice Talk and Face Talk

In addition to chatting, KakaoTalk offers Voice Talk, enabling real-time voice calls. Stay connected with friends and family through live voice conversations.

With PC KakaoTalk’s Face Talk feature, enjoy face-to-face conversations with friends and family. Furthermore, you can have video calls with multiple people, making it feel like you’re all in the same room, even if you’re far apart.

Join Various Topic Channels

KakaoTalk’s channels are a community platform that anyone can create and join for free. Now, with PC KakaoTalk, you can directly explore and join channels.

Share your hobbies or useful information before traveling abroad. For business owners, channels can be used to manage customers or communicate more efficiently with team members.

Kakaotalk Channel

Reasons to Use PC KakaoTalk


Seamless Synchronization

Users can synchronize their mobile KakaoTalk account with the PC App, allowing for easy switching between smartphones and PCs. This smooth integration is highly appealing to users, making it convenient to switch between devices.


Enhanced Productivity

While the KakaoTalk mobile app is specialized for messaging on the go, the PC App provides a more convenient environment for writing longer messages and sharing files. As a result, it has become a useful tool for efficient communication during work hours.



By running PC KakaoTalk App on a PC, users can efficiently multitask without having to switch between web browsers or mobile apps.

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